Matvey KottsovFrontend Developer

Hi, I’m Matvey Kottsov. I’ve been turning prototypes into modern web apps for four years now.

Rosconcert organizes all-Russian and international contests and events. The updated website shows upcoming events, relevant news and projects.





Locator helps entrepreneurs explore new places to start a business. The service combines public data analysis and intelligent algorithms to suggest the most suitable locations for a new business.





OrosDigital is a marketing agency that promotes brands and music labels through TikTok. The new website was created to showcase available services and attract more clients.




Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Software Engineering, third year




Online course, 2020


Online courses, 2020

Lyceum of Information Technologies #1533

Programming class, 2016–2019

Based in

Moscow, Russia

My main goal is a fast website

available on any device

20 years old


ongoing projects


Four years ago, I started by changing texts and styles of ready-made templates. Since then, I’ve been continually improving my skills, and now I can create complex web applications from scratch.

English C1


As a member of the team, I participated in 11 hackathons, 8 of them being award-winning for web applications and services we developed.

Passline is an RZD service that provides access to infotainment content and shopping on the train. We had to figure out how to increase the average bill in the service and make it more attractive to passengers.

The on-train event system we developed allows passengers to get to know each other and have fun. An avid chess player can organize a short championship in the compartment and bring the best players together.

The excursion generator will suggest activities during a long stop. In-store recommendations will show the most relevant goods and services.

At the hackathon, we developed a service that helps entrepreneurs choose the right places to open a business. We analyzed a large amount of public data, considered the experience of other businessmen and the development plan of Moscow, and used special algorithms to select the most suitable points on the map.

In contrast to existing solutions, we clearly explain to the user by what criteria the selected location is advantageous compared to others. The service saves businessmen time, reduces the risks of opening a new business, and contributes to the development of Moscow.

At the hackathon, we had to figure out how to save bank customers from having to enter meter readings manually. We created a system for recognizing serial numbers and readings by photo.

In our solution, we combined Data Science with a product approach and created a progressive web application that solved the user problem and helped the bank’s business.

In our city, people know little about the animals and birds that live around them.

We have developed Moscow Birds, a mobile application to identify and search for city birds. In Moscow Birds, one can recognize a bird by its voice, photo, or text description. Statistics of birds found and competitions with friends increase user engagement.

Moscow Birds also helps animal protection organizations and city authorities monitor the population of city birds.

Sberbank is developing a single sign-on system for various online services. At the hackathon, we had to figure out how to make Sberbank ID the most popular way of logging in.

In our solution, we focused on the B2B segment, making Sberbank ID attractive to businesses: we offer generalized analytics, an advertising network of partners, and a platform for promoting services.

At the hackathon, we were asked to create a service to support self-employed people.

We created Samodelkin, a solution for the free promotion of the self-employed. Here one can generate a portfolio site and a set of business cards, manage social media and keep track of orders in the CRM system.

Users see offers from verified self-employed people on the marketplace and pay for their services with a secure transaction.

Modern buyers want to get their orders from online stores as soon as possible. 5Post, a new division of X5 Retail Group, is developing a service for delivering orders from marketplaces to pickup points and post offices.

New points are being opened, but how to figure out which ones will be profitable? We conducted an analysis and proposed our variant of pickup points distribution in one of the regions of Russia.

Banks find it harder to get new customers because most credit cards have similar terms and conditions. We had to develop a solution that would help the partner bank stand out and increase the number of transactions.

We created an online game with a bank mascot and an assistant bot for Telegram. The wish to continue the game is a decisive factor when choosing a bank card to use.

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